Profit for Good

It is a matter close to our hearts to support this wonderful project, to draw attention to it and to make it public. A new beginning for children in Mongolia - this is the concern of Ruth Ebener and her association "Alpha-Omega e.V.". 

It supports street children and orphans, takes on sponsorships, and gives homes to disadvantaged, abused, abandoned and disabled children. During our visits to Mongolia, we always pay a visit to Ruth Ebener and her children, we too want to help and support them.

On our documentary trip with "Deutsche Welle" a very nice, emotional and interesting film was made about life and the people in Mongolia:

"Expedition Heimat - A journey with Saruul Fischer through Mongolia" This film also shows you an insight into the everyday life of Alpha-Omega. 

 Not only financial support is an aspect, Ruth Ebener and her team can always use practical help on site.

With the newsletters from the association, we keep interested parties and supporters up to date on what is happening on site and on important events and results. 

 In the brochure and on the homepage you will find all the important information and contact details should you decide to help. 

 You are also welcome to contact us on this topic at any time, we are also happy to accept small donations in the form of toys or clothing for the children, which we will then present on our next trips to Mongolia. As a rule, we are on site twice a year, pay a visit to our production facilities and Alpha-Omega e.V. and inquire about new events.